1,000,000 BC Ancient Martian civilization is built.

400,000 BC Argent D’Nur is a place in a non-mortal realm (Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, etc). Wraiths reside there – very powerful beings. Sentinels protect the realm.

350,000 BC A Sentinel is promised his son’s safety if he betrays everyone and gives demons access to their special Argent power. A great war begins in Argent D’Nur

348,000 BC The traitorous Sentinel is banished from D’Nur, and is only referred to as, “the wretch”. He is sent to eternal punishment in Hell.

347,000 BC The Wraiths are defeated by the Forces of Hell in D’Nur – their souls are forever trapped in that realm

345,000 BC Demons take over D’Nur and take the Argent energy for themselves. From this they gain the power to invade other realms.

344,000 BC D’Nur becomes a part of Hell

9,000 BC Ancient languages develop on earth, some may have originated from Mars

4,000 BC Swastikas appear on ceramics in Iran

100 AD Germans begin using runes for magical and ordinary writing. They were able to use runes as a method of gaining insight into the future or the unknown by supernatural means

918 German Prince Heinrich I begins studying the Thulian Mystery Occults, and resolves to forge his own empire at the expense of the existing Frankish dynasty

943 The Defiled Church is built.

1104 The Spear of Destiny is found under Castle Wolfenstein in the catacombs


Author: sandman705

Creating DOOM maps and enjoying - thanks for following and playing!

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