1951 BJ’s son Arthur Kenneth Blazkowicz is born

1977 Arthur Blazkowicz works for the US government

1982 BJ’s grandson William Blazkowicz II is born

1990 At Age 8 – William Blazkowicz II, child genius going by the nicknames Billy Blaze and Commander Keen builds his own spaceship and saves Earth from many threats, even traveling to Mars

2005 Union Aerospace Corporation is founded by Thomas Kelliher on earth

2007 BJ’s great grandson William Blazkowicz III is born

2015 Medical breakthroughs are common place on Earth these days

2019 Classified documents speak of a “BFG” weapon prototype

2025 UAC makes its name in the famous Joint Mars Expidition

2029 UAC continues to use Mars and it’s moons as the “home base” for their operations

2031 Construction on Alpha Labs begins

2033 B.J. Blazkowicz III enlists in the US military

2035 First structure of the first permanent Martian settlement is built, in what is known as Sector 4

2040 The initial chamber proving life once existed on Mars was discovered in 2040. It leads into what is now known as Site 1.

2040 Construction on Mars City Begins

2041 The Alpha Labs are finally completed

2042 Mars is now the largest and most complete research facility in the entire Universe – the UAC makes billions of dollars

2043 The military, UAC’s biggest supplier, has used the remote facilities on Phobos and Deimos to conduct various secret projects, including research on inter-dimensional space travel


Author: sandman705

Creating DOOM maps and enjoying - thanks for following and playing!

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