2044 UAC Director Castle orders everyone not to tend to anything in the Atrium 02 until they find out what has killed everything

2044 Secret research into the incident in Atrium 2 – various UAC and military personal involved – nothing solid is discovered

2044 Upgrading of equipment on Phobos

2045 Strange things begin happening to machines on the Lunar Outpost

2045 First outbreak via inter-dimensonal portal – casualties are minimal – all evidence is swept under the rug and records are burned

2046 Experiment in the Delta Labs triggers an event, resulting in the invasion of the entire facility. Marine forces are deployed around the facility. Bravo Team was ambushed while searching for survivors. There was only one survivor of the team

2046 B.J. Blazkowicz III arrives on Mars on as punishment for assaulting a superior officer for ordering his soldiers to fire upon civilians. He and his body cast were shipped to Pearl Harbor, while the Marine were transferred to Mars, home of the UAC

2046 The Events of DOOM III

2046 The Recon Zulu marine team found only one survivor, a Marine Corporal (B.J. Blazkowicz III)

2046 UAC personnel such the company’s lawyer and counsellor Elliot Swann and his bodyguard, who arrived hours before the outbreak to make an assessment of the whole Mars operation and enact damage control if necessary, were found dead.

2046 Master Sergeant Thomas Kelly and other Delta Labs scientists were also found dead.

2047 B.J. Blazkowicz III (now known as the DOOM Marine) who survived the previous attack returns to Mars to investigate strange reports going on there – his fate is not known

2048 An orbital probe recorded a faint unidentified signal broadcast from the abandoned Mars Site 1 complex

2048 The UAC board of directors announced the renewal of the Mars program, now led by Dr. Elizabeth McNeil who had transferred off Mars days before the outbreak

2048 Stan Blazkowicz (cousin of DOOM Marine) travels to Tycho Station and saves the universe from demons, at one point even defeating the Harbinger, another Cyberdemon his ancestor had defeated centuries before

2048 Stan Blazkowicz is missing and presumed dead

2049 The Events of Resurrection of Evil


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Creating DOOM maps and enjoying - thanks for following and playing!

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