HELLO! Today was spent tinkering and toying more with SnapMap and I learned a few things. I played with integers, sequencers and HUDs! I’m happy to announce the custom campaign of ETERNAL DOOM will feature not 1…not even 2 or 3 but FOUR HUDs! Thanks to the sequencer you can press the X BUTTON to scroll through the HUDs. Here is a description of what they do.

HUD 1 – Contains score, Kill Count and a status of online or offline.
HUD 2 – Contains the time surpassed, the par time of each map and a counter to track how many secrets are remaining on the map!
HUD 3 – Contains the location name, external temperature and date
HUD 4 – Contains Praetor Suit version, tracks upgrades and Praetor Suit status.

Wait…what!? Upgrades!? I’ll have more on that soon. The Prologue and first mission are pretty much complete. I should have them up tomorrow, Wednesday at the latest! Check the images I posted for a sneak peak at what 2 out of the 4 HUDs look like!




Author: sandman705

Creating DOOM maps and enjoying - thanks for following and playing!

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