HELLO EVERYONE! Welcome to my WordPress page – I am Sandman705 (XBL gamertag as well) and this is my blog for my newest project – ETERNAL DOOM. Set 10 years after the conclusion of DOOM this is a custom campaign built from the ground up in DOOM’s SnapMap editor! The good folks at Bethesda and ID Software just released a brand new SnapMap update including the Weapon Wheel from the campaign and new hell textures! This update has inspired me to create a new DOOM adventure! [MANY CHANGES SINCE I POSTED THIS….ALL GOOD THINGS!!]

Now – SnapMap is great, but there are some limitations. The biggest being unable to link levels together [THIS IS NOW POSSIBLE!!]- so some imagination is necessary – I still believe I can create a fun experience to play here. Plus – this won’t be an overnight or even weekend project. This is going to take some time so who knows what other updates they will come out with!

This adventure will have 3 episodes (much like the original DOOM) consisting of 5 missions each plus a bonus Prologue mission before each episode starts! 18 missions of pure demon killing fun! Now that’s awesome! [NO…THIS HAS CHANGED. THAT IS JUST TOO MUCH. EACH EPISODE HAS 4 LEVELS…NO PROLOGUES. THE LEVELS WILL BE LINKED TOGETHER PER EPISODE]

When I complete maps and upload them I will post the code on here so you can look them up and continue your adventure!

Want to chat? Hit me up on twitter @JoeChiv with a follow and I’ll follow you back!

Happy demon killing!


Author: sandman705

Creating DOOM maps and enjoying - thanks for following and playing!

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