*****UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2018*****

HELLO EVERYONE! Welcome to my WordPress page – I am Sandman705 (XBL gamertag as well) and this is my blog for my FINAL project – DOOMED ON DEIMOS. Set 3 months after the conclusion of DOOM, this is a custom campaign built from the ground up in DOOM’s SnapMap editor! 

This won’t be an overnight or even weekend project. This is going to take some time so who knows what other updates they will come out with!

This adventure features 5 levels – an intro level followed by 4 full levels. It is a complete story and adventure featuring numerous tributes to gaming, pro wrestling, sports, heavy metal and comics. THIS is the story I always wanted to create.

I know I abandoned this project a few times, but this one is getting finished. ALSO, I’d like to point out I called my previous, unfinished SNAPMAP adventure ETERNAL DOOM – 2 years before the sequel was announced….ID owes me money!! LOL!

When I complete maps and upload them I will post the code on here so you can look them up and continue your adventure! 

Want to chat? Hit me up on twitter @JoeChiv with a follow and I’ll follow you back!

Happy demon killing!


Author: sandman705

Creating DOOM maps and enjoying - thanks for following and playing!

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