The screen shots will come….seriously lol. I went back to E1M1 and edited a lot of text from VEGA to keep the story flowing in the proper direction. E1M1 and E1M2 are 99% complete. More to come!




2145 Pierce begins to be influenced by the demons of Hell – a secret cult forms within the UAC

2145 The first Project Lazarus Manned Expedition is sent to Hell. The expedition ends with complete loss of human life, but achieved its mission. The sarcophagus of the DOOM Slayer is recovered from Kadingir Sanctum

2146 The first Project Lazarus Tethering Operation is conducted

2147 Olivia continues her work while serving the legions of Hell – she is promised the powers of a god

2147 The second Project Lazarus Tethering Operation is conducted. The expedition ends in an confrontation with the Hell Guard.

2148 The second Project Lazarus Manned Expedition is sent to the Great Steppe. The expedition ends with similar losses. The petrified remains of a Baalgar demon is recovered

2149 The Events of DOOM (game release 2016) – the DOOM Slayer is revived by Dr. Hayden after a complete invasion from Hell – when revived he is more powerful than ever

2149 Before destroying VEGA, the DOOM Slayer makes a backup of “him” and stores the information in his Praetor Suit

2149 The DOOM Slayer retrieves the Crucible once more and sets the wraith’s souls free after centuries

2149 Pierce is turned into the Spider Mastermind – she is defeated – Hayden steals the Crucible and sends the DOOM Slayer back to Hell

2149 The Demons once again trap the DOOM Slayer and lock him in a sarcophagus

2152 Hayden is successful in convincing the US government research into Hell must continue

2153 Construction on a new Argent Tower begins

2155 Attempts made to give a new birth to a new VEGA – the codename used is BISON

2156 Earth is beginning to run short on Argent Energy

2157 Dr. Samuel Hayden uses the Crucible to rip open another portal to Hell – he visits once more and looks for the DOOM Slayer – he is unsuccessful.

2159 The demons come to Mars through a portal left open by Hayden – Hayden is killed – the fate of the Crucible is unknown

2159 VEGA reactivates inside the Praetor Suit in Hell – unknown if the invasion “woke him”

2159 Mars is invaded by demons yet again – mass casualties ensue

2159 VEGA wakes up the DOOM Slayer in Hell – he escapes his sarcophagus looking for a fight

Now ETERNAL DOOM begins!!!!!!!!



2057 While in Hell, the DOOM Marine’s power grows to that of beyond human and demonic levels combined

2060 The UAC is officially shut down by the governments of the world

2061 In Hell “the wretch” confronts the DOOM Marine and constructs the Praetor Suit for him which can absorb Argent Energy

2061 Somehow, the DOOM Marine acquires the Crucible in Hell.

2062 The DOOM Marine is known as the DOOM Slayer to the demons in Hell – he is feared and considered a legend at the same time. Statues are built in Hell in his name

2066 After being in Hell for 10 years, the demons finally subdue (but cannot kill) the DOOM Slayer. They trap him in a demon temple, and seal him in a rune-powered sarcophagus to contain him and regain the Crucible

2067-2089 The demons in Hell continue to harness Argent Energy – at one point a portal to Mars is re-opened – finding nothing there the demons head back to Hell.

2089 The Earth begins to experience an Energy Crisis – sanctions are put in place

2091 The Energy Crisis is in full effect – under US government supervision, the UAC is reborn

2092 Dr. Samuel Hayden, chairman of the UAC, spent the last 2 years researching the events on Mars from years past – he intends to head back there as he believes the Energy Crisis can be solved using material from the red planet

2092 The US government approves the UAC to head back to Mars, the situation on Earth gets worse

2095 Argent plasma was discovered in a trench on Mars by an expedition – could have been left behind when the demons last came to Mars

2096 The Union Aerospace Corporation established an outpost on Mars to extract Argent plasma from the Argent Fracture

2104 The explorations of the caverns in 2104 led to the discovery of ancient artifact codenamed U1, the Soul Cube, along with stone tablets written by the ancient Martian civilization

2111 Construction on the Argent Tower begins

2113 VEGA is “born”

2119 Construction on the Advanced Research Labs begins

2127 The Argent Tower is completed

2128 Dr. Samuel Hayden is diagnosed with an incurable brain cancer and left with a few months to live. Hayden avoided his death by transferring parts of his brain into a 3-meters tall mechanical body

2132 Olivia Pierce ascends to be Dr. Hayden’s second in command

2136 The Advanced Research Complex is completed.

2137 The UAC successfully builds a portal and the first expedition to Hell is completed

2143 The Corrax tablets are retrieved from Hell in a UAC Automated Survey

2144 Project Lazarus commences



2050 The DOOM Marine resurfaces – more powerful than ever before. It is believed he may have actually been in Hell (not confirmed) – he had spent the last 3 years battling demons

2050 The Events of DOOM – the DOOM Marine is sent to Phobos after a distress signal is sent. He is forced to again fight demons on Phobos, Deimos, and then in Hell itself

2050 The DOOM Marine destroys the Spider Mastermind

2050 The Events of DOOM II: Hell On Earth – The Doom Marine heads to Earth from a portal in Hell and sees that the Demons have begun conquering Earth.

2051 After Hell’s catastrophic invasion of Earth, the United States took steps to try to prevent another invasion. The UAC was turned over to strict government supervision, under completely new management

2052 The Events of the Plutonia Experiment – The UAC began to research tools and technologies to prevent future invasions from happening again

2052 The Events of TNT Evilution – The new government supervised UAC set up a new base on one of the moons of Jupiter (Io), as it continued its research into matter apportation and transportation under increased safety measures

2053 The DOOM Marine once again grows stronger physically – at age 46 tests reveal his body is equal to that of a 25 year old Olympic Athlete and has near super human strength.

2053 The DOOM Marine is emotionally and psychologically damaged from his time in Hell.

2053 Back on Mars, the military doctors submitted tests and treatments. The nightmares continued. In the end all this was classified and sealed. The installations were abandoned, and absolute quarantine guaranteed by apocalyptic levels of radiation

2054 The DOOM Marine retires at age 47 and tries to go about a normal life

2055 A relay satellite activates after years of bombarding by neutrons and sends a final message to Earth showing energy signatures unlike anything sampled before coming from the abandoned installations

2055 The classified archives were opened it was discovered that a single entity with vast rejuvenation powers, masked by the extreme radiation levels, escaped detection. It systematically brought he decaying dead back to corrupted living tissue

2056 The Events of DOOM 64 –The DOOM Marine’s commission was reactivated and given the order for Total Extermination. He returned to a space installation he once saved from demons, forced to kill the beasts again when they are resurrected.

2056 The DOOM Marine travels back to Hell where he kills the Mother Demon. He decided to remain in hell to continue to battle the forces of hell to ensure that no demon arises again.



2044 UAC Director Castle orders everyone not to tend to anything in the Atrium 02 until they find out what has killed everything

2044 Secret research into the incident in Atrium 2 – various UAC and military personal involved – nothing solid is discovered

2044 Upgrading of equipment on Phobos

2045 Strange things begin happening to machines on the Lunar Outpost

2045 First outbreak via inter-dimensonal portal – casualties are minimal – all evidence is swept under the rug and records are burned

2046 Experiment in the Delta Labs triggers an event, resulting in the invasion of the entire facility. Marine forces are deployed around the facility. Bravo Team was ambushed while searching for survivors. There was only one survivor of the team

2046 B.J. Blazkowicz III arrives on Mars on as punishment for assaulting a superior officer for ordering his soldiers to fire upon civilians. He and his body cast were shipped to Pearl Harbor, while the Marine were transferred to Mars, home of the UAC

2046 The Events of DOOM III

2046 The Recon Zulu marine team found only one survivor, a Marine Corporal (B.J. Blazkowicz III)

2046 UAC personnel such the company’s lawyer and counsellor Elliot Swann and his bodyguard, who arrived hours before the outbreak to make an assessment of the whole Mars operation and enact damage control if necessary, were found dead.

2046 Master Sergeant Thomas Kelly and other Delta Labs scientists were also found dead.

2047 B.J. Blazkowicz III (now known as the DOOM Marine) who survived the previous attack returns to Mars to investigate strange reports going on there – his fate is not known

2048 An orbital probe recorded a faint unidentified signal broadcast from the abandoned Mars Site 1 complex

2048 The UAC board of directors announced the renewal of the Mars program, now led by Dr. Elizabeth McNeil who had transferred off Mars days before the outbreak

2048 Stan Blazkowicz (cousin of DOOM Marine) travels to Tycho Station and saves the universe from demons, at one point even defeating the Harbinger, another Cyberdemon his ancestor had defeated centuries before

2048 Stan Blazkowicz is missing and presumed dead

2049 The Events of Resurrection of Evil



1951 BJ’s son Arthur Kenneth Blazkowicz is born

1977 Arthur Blazkowicz works for the US government

1982 BJ’s grandson William Blazkowicz II is born

1990 At Age 8 – William Blazkowicz II, child genius going by the nicknames Billy Blaze and Commander Keen builds his own spaceship and saves Earth from many threats, even traveling to Mars

2005 Union Aerospace Corporation is founded by Thomas Kelliher on earth

2007 BJ’s great grandson William Blazkowicz III is born

2015 Medical breakthroughs are common place on Earth these days

2019 Classified documents speak of a “BFG” weapon prototype

2025 UAC makes its name in the famous Joint Mars Expidition

2029 UAC continues to use Mars and it’s moons as the “home base” for their operations

2031 Construction on Alpha Labs begins

2033 B.J. Blazkowicz III enlists in the US military

2035 First structure of the first permanent Martian settlement is built, in what is known as Sector 4

2040 The initial chamber proving life once existed on Mars was discovered in 2040. It leads into what is now known as Site 1.

2040 Construction on Mars City Begins

2041 The Alpha Labs are finally completed

2042 Mars is now the largest and most complete research facility in the entire Universe – the UAC makes billions of dollars

2043 The military, UAC’s biggest supplier, has used the remote facilities on Phobos and Deimos to conduct various secret projects, including research on inter-dimensional space travel



1911 William “B.J.” Blazkowicz is born in America

1918 End of WWI, the Spear of Destiny is one of the national treasures taken from Germany, and brought to a museum in Versailles, France

1929 Geneva Convention bans chemical weapons

1933 Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany

1937 Deathshead begins research into Super Soldiers

1938 As early as 1938, it was concluded that Operation Resurrection would require the development of an advanced synthetic humanoid host

1939 Nazi invasions begin in Europe. Nazi Tanks roll into France, Hitler’s armies retrieve the Spear of Destiny from Versailles, and bring it to Castle Nuremburg

1940 BJ Blazkowicz recovers the Spear of Destiny from Germany – it is brought back to the US – BJ is honored by his country

1941 Hans von Schlieffen and a group of Storm Troopers travel to the U.S. to regain the spear. Hitler’s forces recapture the Spear of Destiny again

1942 Nazis begin working on human gene modification in an attempt to create a super soldier

1942 Experiments are successful. Soldiers begin to smuggle out super soldier cocktails to enhance themselves

1942 Sergeant B.J. is sent on a mission to stop Nazi forces near Castle Wolfenstein

1942 Over the course of a month, B.J. has his Original Encounter with Hans Grosse at Dresden, early Eisenfaust encounters, and battle with Adolf Hitler at Castle Wolfenstein. False end to the war

1943 BJ fights the Nazis all over Germany and Libya, he is almost killed twice during these battles

1943 BJ infiltrates Deathshead’s Secret Weapons Facility below Kugelstadt. Later in the day he is deployed to Norway, where he infiltrates Deathshead’s X-Labs and destroys his first Übersoldat. Deathshead escapes and is promoted to General.

1944 The Spear of Destiny is recaptured by Hitler

1945 BJ defeats Hitler

1945 The Spear of Destiny is finally captured by Allied Forces hopefully for the last time from Nuremberg

1945 The war ends in Europe.